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Some of One Solid Ummah team members

Abdullateef Khaled


Mohammed Barakat

Director, Syria Projects

AbdulKareem Bakar

Director, Hatay Projects

Izz Al Deen AlHamwi

Head of Public Relation

Hekmat Barakat

Assistant Director, Syria Projects

Muneeb Bakar

Public Relations Officer



There are three schools which OSU is operating and hundreds of students are studying in these schools. 

In these schools, OSU is working with valuable teachers to raise its children on the straight path. 

Brotherhood in OSU


One of the most important values in OSU is that OSU team consists not only of workers but brothers. If there is a hardship, we have to burden this together, if there is joy, again we share this together. Some of our brothers first came to the village as orphans and have grown up beside us...


We know that our energy, our money and our time are limited, but we widen our hearts...

  1. DUE DILIGENCE - We are trying to do the best while working and cooperate with competent people in their areas. Evaluating the resources in the best way possible is what we are seeking for.
  2. TRANSPARENCY - We are trying to share all stages of our projects and campaign activities with you. We are publishing them through various social media channels like facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram.  It is our principle to bring the smiles of needies to whom make them feel happy.
  3. CONFIDENCE- The key point in charity works is mutual trust between donators and the organisation. We are aware of that. We resort to Allah (c.c) to feel ashamed against our brothers and sisters who entrust us. We will always try to be more careful and attentive in our work so as to gain the consent of Allah (c.c) and trust of you. If you see any fault or shortcoming in our working discipline, just call us or mail us to tell the problem. Inshallah, we will pay necessary attention to your comments.
  4. EQUITY- We are thinking over the necessity of our projects before starting. We try to gather the necessary information from the sources on the ground, consult with our well-behaved local brothers and sisters. In areas where we want to help, we are trying to identify which people are the most needy ones. In short, we are looking for justice and equity in helping out. 


From scratch to reality, stages which OSU has passed

2013-Foundation of OSU

In 2011, Syrian war broke out. After two years of clashes, thousands of people had died and many more had became immigrant merely in Syria. During the peak times of the war in 2013, OSU was founded in Syria to alleviate the misery of needy people.

2014-Cooperation with IHCRO

Coming to 2014, International Human Care and Relief Organisation (IHCRO) which is a Turkey based charity organisation and OSU decided to work together in Syria so as to reach more people and achieve bigger projects

2015-Orphan Village 1

In 2015, the construction of first orphan village had started. In 2016, it was successfully finished Elhamdulillah. With various service buildings, it is a living space for many people around.

2016-Orphan Village 2

In 2016, a relatively small village which is orphan villages-2 had built next to orphan village-1 so as to maximize the effectiveness of aid work and make people to benefit from service buildings in orphan village-1 better.

2017-Kuwait al Khayr Project

In January 2017, Kuwait Al Khayr project was started and less than 4 months, it was completed Elhamdulillah. This is a rapidly deployed and cost effective pre-fabricated orphan village project. Later on, the two villages inside this project was named as orphan village four and five.

2017-Orphan Village 3

In August 2017, orphan village-3 was started as a building complex next to orphan village-1.  It was completed approximately in four months. 

2017-Ahalina Orphanage

So as to take care of the orphans in Hatay-Turkey, OSU has opened an orphan caring complex under the control of IHCRO.

2017-Ghuraba Markaz Project

In 2017, Ghuraba Markaz was constructed to educate Syrian children in Binnish near Idlib Syria.

2017-House of Hommoud Project

House of Hammoud is a high standard orphan village project. It is the sixth orphan village of OSU and as large as orphan village-1. It is a candidate place so as to be a living space for people around it like orphan village-1.  

2018-Emergency Shelter Village

In January 2018, Emergency Shelter Village has started. This is the project which aims to host displaced people (not only orphan families) coming from southern Idlib and Eastern Ghouta.

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