Orphan Village Project

The orphan village which we are constructing is going on as we speak and it's an entire place dedicated to Syrian orphans! They will live, pray, go to school, get involved in extracullicar activities, learn Quran, and most importantly, be around those who love them greatly. This is our dream and hope we're constructing for Syrian children. Donate, fundraise, and get involved!

You can specifically donate & raise funds to certain parts of constructing the village. It's a great sadaqah jariya so rush!

Mosque (total const. value $12,000)
Two floor School (total const. $15,000)
Single home (total const. $3,000) x 40
Sport Activities center (total $4,000)
Free Clinic (total const. $5,000)
Wall & gate (total const. $4,000)
Roads (total const. $3,000)
Sewage and water system ($15,000)
Market (total const. $3,000)

If we build 40 homes in this village, the total cost of construction will be around $180,000.

To donate: OneSolidUmmah.com/Donate

orphan village