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One Solid Ummah is a Syrian based local charity group founded in 2013 so as to produce sustainable qualified projects for needy peoples (especially for orphans) in Syria.

OSU is mostly helping for orphans. The foremost projects and campaigns of OSU are aiming orphans like Orphan Sponsorship, Supporting Orphan Villages and constucting new orphan villages. Other than orphan caring projects/campaigns, we are building mosques and wells, preparing ramadan kitchens, constructing emergency villages and distributing many kinds of goods and etc.

It is possible to be a volunteer in OSU. If you want to be avolunteer, please keep in mind the followings:

1-Generally, It is not possible to be a volunteer in ground works inside Syria, since it is extremely hard for foreigners(other than Turkish citizens) to go inside of Syria and stay there. It is even hard for Turkish citizens. But if you are eligible to this, we can evaluate the situation.

2-Volunteering in other than ground works is possible. So as to participate this, please send your information through "get-involved form". We write down your name and skills to our volunteer list and when we need your skills, we can contact with you.

3-Volunteering is a serious issue. So as to manage the volunteers and work with them, we assign our team members and start some studies/events. Therefore, your commitment is very important for us. Leaving a work/task incomplete harms the projects/campaigns. Anybody who wants to be a volunteer, has to be strong-minded.

One Solid Ummah is a working group cooperating with IHCRO (International Human Care and Relief Organization), which is a registered charity group in Turkey. For charities and person, who want to work with One Solid Ummah, it is necessary to contact with IHRCO so as to perform the official part of the process.

It depends on the projects. For most projects we are using crowdfunding platforms. In this platforms, we are operating campaigns. In the note parts of campaign explanations, we write whether we take administrative cost or not. For some projects we are not taking, for others we are taking.

Note that, admin cost is used for the continuation of the services of charities. Charities need paid employees to perform its various jobs like official/legal woks, content/media preperation, campaign/project tracking, public relations, project management and many more.

If you have a chance to go inside to Syria, sure, you can visit our offices, orphan villages and meet with our team. You can get information from them about our projects and campaigns and watch the aid events on site.

If you want to visit our orphan building in Hatay, Turkey. You must contact with IHCRO. Note that, in order to visit facilities inside the Turkey, you are required to be a member of a registered charity. In that way, IHCRO can accompany with you.

One Solid Ummah humanitarian organization has some official and unofficial fundraisers.For official fundraisers, we have an aggreement on accumulation and the management of the donations. So as to learn whether a fundraiser is official, you can email us and ask their status. Note that, we have no control over unofficial fundraisers. The relation between you and our unofficial fundraisers is based on your mutual trust, we are not the guarantor of them.

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