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Masjid As Sahabah

It is the Sahabah Masjid located in Orphan Village-1. With 250m2 size, this masjid is the biggest of all masjids constructed by OSU in Syria. It was costructed in a populated area in 2015. More than 300 people can pray in it.


Masjid Al Ghuraba

Markaz Ghuraba Masjid is a education center. It was built Binnish, near Idlib City, on 200m2 of land. It can accomodate 150 people to pray. The basement is where the youth center is located (110m2). Here is where many children will grow up, learn Quran and have fun.


Masjid of Children of Australia

This is the masjid project in Syria funded by Sydney Fundraiser Auction group who named it "Children of Australia".


Masjid Ayesha

Masjid Ayesha was built in Kafr Lusin in 2017 as a part of the Orphan Village-6 project. Its size is 160m2 and it can accomodate nearly 200 people.


Ahmad Al Saif Masjid

This 75m2 small but beautiful blue masjid was built in Qah, Idlib in 2017. Nearly 100 people can pray inside this masjid.


Khalid Bin Waleed Masjid

Khalid Ibn Waleed, a greatest commander in the history of Islam and the valuable companion of Rasulullah(sav). We aimed to remind his name to ummah. The size of this masjid is 75m2 and nearly 100 people can pray in it. It was completed in 2017.


Kuwait Al Khayr Masjid

Kuwait Al Khayr masjid was built in Kammunah, Idlib in 2017 as a part of Orphan Village 4 and 5. The size of the masjid is 140m2 and nearly 200 people can pray in it.


Masjid At Tahani

A sister requested from OSU to build a masjid for her in Syria. It was built in 2017 and its size is 120m2. One of the most crowdedly used masjids built by OSU.  


  • COST- A small masjid costs us approximately $4,500. For bigger masjids, cost increases. You allocate whatever amount over $4,500, we design and build accordingly.
  • LOCATION- In general, we build the masjids in Idlib, Syria. Our on-the-ground team determines a proper location and inform you. For other regions and countries, you can contact with us to take information.
  • SIZE- Typically, we build a small masjid as 45m2 and 55-60 people can pray in it.
  • PROJECT DURATION - It takes 2-3 months to build a small masjid.
  • MANAGEMENT - Inside the orphan villages, we are managing the masjids, as for the outside, town people are taking its responsibility.  

Masjid Request Form

In order to to build a masjid in Syria, just contact us...

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