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Orphan Villages which OSU has been caring for

Orphan Village 1

In between the olive trees of Shaam, there stands a village that was built with utmost precision, dedication and respect for families who have suffered from war. Our hope is that the best generation will be raised here. Homes that were built with our heart, sacrifice and compassion. Orphan Village-1 is the project of building secure houses and complementary buildings like masjid, school, clinic, supermarket and alike in Idlib, Syria for orphans to continue their lives without even going out from the village.

Orphan Village 2

After finishing our flagship project, OSU orphan village 1, in early 2016, we decided to add a smaller extension village to provide more homes for orphan families. UK based charity group “Muslims In Need” was particularly interested in taking part in this project, so we bought a 2,500m2 land and built 18 homes and 1 masjid together. Remarkably and praise be to Allah, we built these homes from scratch between April 2016 till October 2016, in just 6 months. We care about quality so much so that we make sure that our all contributions go to providing the children with the best. Since it is very close to our orphan village 1 community, the children have opportunity to benefit from our Abu Bakr Al-Sideeq School and Quran learning in Masjid Al-Sahabah which is less than 2 min walk. In addition to these, they can benefit from clinic, market, playgrounds and sport center as well.

Orphan Village 3 

In between the hundred of thousands of displaced people living in tents inside Northern Syria (near Turkey), IHCRO and OSU community have built hundreds of quality homes for orphans of war and their mothers so they can live in safety and dignity. Orphan Village-3 is the additional small building complex which IHCRO and OSU built next to the orphan village 1 and 2 with the intention of providing more families opportunity to benefit from services granted in orphan village-1. This project includes three apartments consisting of six houses in total and was constructed as an addition to the Orphan Village-1 project.

Orphan Village 4

Orphan Village-4 and 5, namely Kuwait Al Khayr, is one of beloved projects of One Solid ummah community. This project specifically focused on offering a village to smaller orphan families (2 children). All our other villages cater bigger families (3-8 children). This one includes 36 Pre-fabricated houses ordered from Turkey, 24 for Orphan Village-4 and 12 for Orphan Village 5. We built this project on 5,000m2 land from scratch between January to May 2017 in Syria. More than 100 orphans and widows reside here. Like all our projects, we offer 24 hours security, schooling, supermarket, masjid Quran school and playground.Everything is provided for free such as electricity, water, education, clothing, medical support and monthly salary Alhamdulilah by the support of OSU community. Orphan Village-4 (Kuwait Al-Khayr) is a prefabricated houses village project designed to meet the needs of orphan families such as housing, praying, security, education and so on. It consists of 24 pre-fabricated houses and various service buildings within secured area and located in Idlib, Syria.

Orphan Village 5

Orphan Village-5 (Kuwait Al-Khayr) is a prefabricated houses village project designed to meet the needs of orphan families such as housing, praying, security, education and so on. It consists of 12 pre-fabricated houses and various service buildings and it is located in Idlib, Syria. Orphan Village-5 is the sister project of Orphan Village-4 so as to share the service buildings. Both of them are inside the same closed secure area. Welcome to our "Kuwait al-Khair" orphan village which we built from scratch inside Syria. The quality of what we offer is a reflection of the quality sincerity of love we have for them. This is just one of the many villages we have built for orphans Alhamdulilah

Orphan Village 6

When the homes of children were destroyed, we dedicated our lives to building them a new one. AN ENTIRE VILLAGE...A DREAM LAND...Just for orphans of war. Everyone grows up with a dream of building a mansion for themselves but we OSU have dream to build homes for orphans of war who saw nothing in their lives but blood, bombs and poverty. Our biggest project till date is "Bayt Humoud"(Orphan Village 6) is a one of a kind orphanage located in Idlib Syria that includes 40 homes, school, masjid, supermarket, clinic, playground and kindergarten and 2 wells. It has a huge garden and like all our other villages, we OSU community offer them free home, food, water electricity, schooling, Quran learning, great upbringing...

Orphan Village 8

IHCRO and OSU are launching their 8th Village for orphans in Syria. Parterning up with MuslimsInNeed (UK) and Merciful Group (Australia), we are aiming to build 50 more homes to provide quality housing for more than 200 orphan children who have lost their fathers in the Syrian crisis. The project aims at sheltering, educating and provide ongoing care and guidance. We will be teaching Quran as well have many recreational activities for the children within our built in playground. There will running water, electricity and all major services within the village inshaAllah. Your support will make a great difference in the lives of these abandoned children.

Orphan Apartment

Orphan Apartment is a standalone project, which was designed an apartment for couple of orphan families. This complex was constructed next to the orphan village-1.  There are 4 families inside this complex. The building is just a minute walk from our orphan village-1 and wall to wall with our OSU Bakery.


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