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Shelter Villages OSU Completed and Supporting


Syrian war has left thousands of people displaced. Many people left their homes their behind and went to relatively secure places like Turkey-Syria borders in Idlib. Normally, we IHCRO, with our local partner OSU, build just orphan villages inside the Syria. However, because of increased necessities of the migrated people, we decided to build a shelter village at the end of 2017. In January of 2018, we started to built this emergency shelter village and we finished it in June 2018 Alhamdulillah.

By building this shelter village in Idlib Syria, our aim was to take care of the poor and forgotten families fleeing from bombs and destruction, especially from East Ghouta which is a neighborhood area of Damascus. Insallah, this village will host 50 displaced families for many years. In addition to these homes, there exist a prayer hall, a supermarket, an admin office and a garden/playground within the scope of this project. This emergency shelter village was built in a short period of time so as to serve displaced families as soon as possible. It is our first project which aims needies other than orphan families

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